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Very/Little green

Very was my first pop band that, out of several reasons, never really took off. I got a bit of radio airplay for my songs, we released a (mediocre) CD (I was still learning at that time and made some mistakes concerning the production and choice of material.). For our second CD, I changed the band name to Little green (hats off to the wonderful Joni Mitchell). That one was far better,but never got a release. Still, Im proud of some of the stuff we did. .

    CD: “To the very heart”
  “You are my lifeline”

    CD: “Bright”
  “Spring in my heart”

Die Bucht von Wien

This project was a collaboration with the legendary, meanwhile defunkt Austrian pop singer Hansi Lang. We started to play songs written by the famous Austrian piano player Friedrich Gulda, but soon decided to write some own stuff. As lyrics, we used some love poems by the great Austrian poet HC Artmann. Finally, we also wrote our own words to some songs and released the CD "Die Bucht von Wien". Check out the soul of Vienna...

  “Hosd as ned keadt“ (Wienerroither/H.C.Artmann) 
   "Gima dei Haund" (Wienerroither/H.C.Artmann)

Die Bucht von Wien